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Provider Spotlight

Kelly Heichel - Kelly’s Kid Care LLC

Kelly Heichel, owner of Kelly’s Kids Care LLC, runs two Certified Family childcare sites in Roseburg. In 1999 Kelly decided to watch her daughter at home after she had difficulties finding consistent care she trusted. Kelly’s parents worked in education and early childhood settings, so she felt comfortable in a caregiver role. Quickly, she started caring for a few of her neighbors’ children as what is called an exempt provider.

Her enjoyment of childcare grew and Kelly’s Kids Care soon became a Registered Family Childcare, allowing her to watch up to ten children. It can be challenging to operate a childcare business in the same small space your family lives in. Kelly was fortunate that her family moved to a larger home which helped her expand her business to a Certified Family childcare serving up to sixteen children.

Kelly has grown personally and professionally in her role as a childcare owner/operator. She is proud of her high 5 Star Spark rating, meaning she has met a rigorous process to ensure high quality, early learning and education for the children she cares for. Kelly also mentors other childcare providers in this process.

What is Spark? Kelly compares this ranking system to travel sites such as hotels. "You would prefer to stay at 5 star hotel over a two star right?"

Ready for a new challenge, Kelly purchased and remodeled a home built in 1944 as her second location in Roseburg. Located on Diamond Lake Blvd., this is a high need for childcare due to recent growth in apartments and affordable family housing for families. To get the home ready for licensing and occupancy, Kelly and family spent three months remodeling each room in the home. A complete redo of the back yard was also completed including a new outside play structure funded with the Oregon Childcare Startup & Expansion Grant.

Currently, Kelly’s’ two sites serve thirty-five families with one that serves up to sixteen children and the other that serves up to fifteen. Kelly employs eleven staff members, six are full-time and five work part-time. Keeping her sites staffed as well as having the resources to serve children with challenging behaviors are two areas Kelly finds challenging.

Next up for Kelly? She has her eye on opening a third location to serve families in Douglas County. With her drive and talent, the sky’s the limit for Kelly’s Kid Care LLC.